Things that Annoy Me at Work

I’m sure at some point in almost everyones lives they have worked in fast food or maybe even retail. I assume that you would understand what I am talking about when I say people are annoying.. They are not only annoying, but also trashy, and rude. This is a list of annoying things that happen at work.

1. Trash on the table- seriously why is this necessary? I’m not your mother! Pick up after yourself!! Ya lazy bum!

2. Spills- Ok I understand messes happen.. but you are suppose to CLEAN THEM! Once again, I am NOT your mother.

3. Rudeness- Ok now I could go on for days about this..

– our prices are too high?? Well F U! I didn’t make them that why so why in the HELL do you find it necessary to yell at me?

– Too busy? Oh I’m sorry we didn’t close down the damn store for you.

– Your foods cold? Well maybe you shouldn’t leave it on the table for twenty minutes while you stare at your hair in the bathroom?

– You have half of a sandwich?? Honestly how is that possible? A beef pot roast sandwich with a little meat and one bun.. the top might I add. Are our cooks really that unintelligent? Or maybe you were the unintelligent one that dumped the bag over?? Maybe you should check that.

4. Ordering- I swear does no one read the menu?? Do you know what a deluxe is?

– Uhh yes I want a plain deluxe with cheese -well for one deluxe’s have everything on them!!

– Oh you want the original with cheese? – The original has no damn cheese!!

– Oh you mean you want a cheeseburger?? No! I want the original with cheese. (You’re an idiot)

– I want the original. What would you like on that? Whatever it comes with.. It comes made to order… Oh then everything. So you want the deluxe? No I want the original. – Do these people ever realize what the HELL they are saying?!?! I mean seriously? You that stupid?

– I want the number one. I’m sorry our sandwiches are not labeled with numbers

– Can I have?? No you can’t. Seriously just tell me what you F’ing want!

– It’s custard not ice cream

5. More stupidity

– Oh the floors not wet.. That sign is there for decoration.. ya dumb ass

– You close at 10? Yes. (Current time 9:56 , places  order anyway) Uh yeah thats for here. Hell no it is not. You take that shit home. I have a life too I don’t F’ing live here ya know?

6. Managers

– I need you to stand here take orders and not move.. I don’t move.. Later why the hell are you standing there run orders! Uh I remember you telling me to stand here and take them.. Sooo.. STFU? Yeah sounds good.

– do you have any desire to work later tonight? What the hell do you think

– yes you get off work at 10 (arrives home at 12am)

These are just a few off the million things that annoy me at work.. I tend to rant sometimes just.. well just because I can. And believe me I will be back with more!!


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